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Flevoland has so much to do! Discover the best offers we have put together for you here.

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Flevoland has so much to offer! Discover the best deals we have put together for you here.

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The story of Flevoland

In Flevoland, we live below the water table, at an average of -4.5 metres below NAP. Special to think of and make this largest 'man-made land' polder, special to let new nature develop here. Who says Flevoland, says Oostvaardersplassen, says Markerwadden, says Nationaal Park Nieuw Land.

Come to Flevoland and experience our special and unique nature.

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The discovery of Flevoland

The discovery of Flevoland

Discover Flevoland's unique and hidden places with a private walking guide. Bookable by arrangement for groups of 2 to 15 people. Contact us for more info.

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