The perfect location for a training camp

Looking for a nice location for a training camp? Look no further, because our campsites are an ideal location! Close to outdoor sports facilities, indoor (sports) activities and even near a shopping centre. The training camp can begin...

Sporting facilities

The following sports are within walking distance: football, handball, tennis, athletics, korfball, swimming, hockey, bowling. Make arrangements with neighbouring clubs to use the facilities and organise practice matches. Of course, we can assist you with this! 

Fun activities

Besides the sports facilities, there are several amenities within walking distance that really make a training camp a success. These include a swimming pool, bowling alley and an all-you-can-eat wok and sushi. Besides sports, a must to relax and socialise with the team.

Unique overnight accommodations

Last but not least, it is of course important that you sleep well during the training camp. The diverse offer at our campsites ensures that there is always an accommodation that suits your group. Think about spending the night in your own tent or staying in a unique accommodation! Furthermore, you can cook on an open fire on the fire pit or enjoy a nice BBQ. In bad weather, there is the covered dining area.